2023 GMC Acadia Denali Promising Improvements

The 2023 GMC Acadia Denali is coming with some promising features, especially the techs to improve performance, convenience, and comfort while driving. However, don’t expect too many new features as there would be limitation to the supply. The shortages of some main parts have results in the limited features, or late availability, or even not being available at all. But rest assured that for the 2023 model, you can still enjoy some of the key features that cover 20 aluminum wheels as the standard, HD surround vision, and head up display.


The Interior Cabin’s Premium Finish

The company understands that comfort in the cabin is extremely crucial. That’s why they focus so much on boosting the feel of interior ambiance for 2023 GMC Acadia Denali. For a starter, they want to deliver first class craftsmanship with high quality upholstery and materials. With (perforated) leather material on the first and the second row seats, and also with Denali (embossed) sill plates, the entire cabin isn’t only comfortable but also luxurious and exclusive.

2023 gmc acadia denali front view

2023 Gmc Acadia Denali Front View

Moreover, the seats are all arranged to be versatile, both for the passengers and the cargo. The second row, for instance, comes with Smart Slide feature that can provide easy access to the third row. The third row itself has 50/50 split seat that can fold flat for extra space for the cargo. As if it weren’t enough, there are still more features to expect from the new Denali, such as Dual SkyScape sunroof that helps you control how the sunshade works. It has express open technology, allowing the front panel to fully open (through sliding mechanism) with a simple touch. There would be an available button to press and you are good to go.


Powertrain and Performance

For the standard powertrain, the 2023 GMC Acadia Denali comes with V6 unit with 3.6 liter capacity, able to generate 310 hp. It is also coming with auto 9 speed transmission. This one would be the standard powertrain, although you can choose the optional package. The optional powertrain is the turbo unit with 2.0 liter capacity that generates 310 hp. It is coming with auto 9 speed transmission.


The traction select system enables you to switch between various modes to tackle different conditions on the road. The front wheel driving models have Snow, Normal, Trailer (or Tow), and Sport modes, while the all wheel driving system has Sport, Trailer (or Tow), Offroad, all wheel, and front wheel modes.


Technologies play a crucial role in the Denali, especially with Hitch View. This is super handy when you have to tag along the trailer, making sure that it fits well – and you can hitch the trailer successfully. It allows you to briefly and easily check the trailer when you are driving, as well as using the camera view at the same time. You can also zoom in for careful and better maneuvering.

2023 gmc acadia denali interior

2023 Gmc Acadia Denali Interior

The Available Packages

The upcoming Denali Acadia comes with different packages. There are known 3 different packages with different features.

  • Denali Tech. it includes adaptive cruise control, high def surround vision, rear camera mirror, and enhanced auto emergency braking.
  • Denali Ultimate. It comes with V6 unit (3.6 liter) and auto 9 speed transmission, 2-panel dual SkyScape power sunroof, adaptive ride control (for the all wheel driving mode), Trailering Package and Technology Package.
    Denali Black Diamond Edition. This package includes the V6 unit (3.6 liter) with auto 9 speed transmission, 2-panel dual SkyScape power sunroof, 20 aluminum (painted) wheels, all wheel driving system with adaptive ride control. It comes with Denali Technology package (adaptive cruise control, rear camera mirror, enhanced auto emergency braking, HD surround vision) and Trailering Package (heavy duty cooling system, Hitch View, factory installed hitch, etc). The only available exterior paint would be Ebony Twilight.
2023 gmc acadia denali back view

2023 Gmc Acadia Denali Back View

Final Words

This gorgeous and tough SUV is able to accommodate 7 people conveniently. The starting price is set at around $48,300, which can be quite costly. But then again, you need to remember that Denali is included as the higher trim in Acadia, so the price is worth it, considering that you can enjoy all the modern specs and features. Moreover, you would also be given the flexibility to choose whatever package you like for the new 2023 GMC Acadia Denali.

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