2023 GMC Canyon AT4 and the Addition of the Offroad Specialist AT4X

The 2023 GMC Canyon AT4 would be come back as a part of the Canyon’s lineup in the 2023 model, but there would be an addition of AT4X to the lineup. After all, the GMC has been teasing the next gen midsize trucks with heavily covered offroad model and now they are confirming that they ARE adding up a tougher and more powerful of an offroad variant.

The Upcoming Production Plan

The pickup truck (Canyon model) would be the second model in the company’s lineup offering the AT4X trim, designing it as a model for better offroad performance, uncompromising refinements, and punchy capability.

The AT4X would be the improved version of the AT4, which has been originally included in the lineup as the offroad variant. When GMC offered the AT4 trim, they have added a punchy offroad performance with offroad (rocker) panel protection, an inch of suspension leveling kit, and also mid (and front) skid plates. The newest AT4 would include more offroad accessories and also overlanding ones.

2023 gmc canyon at4 front view

2023 Gmc Canyon At4 Front View

The AT4X would be considered the new peak of modern and sophisticated offroad performance. As a part of 2023 GMC Canyon AT4 lineup, this one is designed for those offroad enthusiasts who would appreciate the 17 inch wheels with beadlock ability, rocker protectors, and AT4X badging. If nothing obstructs the launch schedule, the AT4X should be revealed in summer 2022.

Model and Design

Having the new AT4X in the lineup of Canyon can be promising, but it can be confusing for the buyers. If the AT4 has been designed as the offroad model, why would they need to buy the more expensive (although more sophisticated) AT4X model?

2023 gmc canyon at4 interior

2023 Gmc Canyon At4 Interior

Well, the AT4X is said to focusing entirely on the offroad performance, and most importantly, it is designed to compete against Chevy Colorado ZR2. When Chevy decided that they are going to make the Colorado ZR2, GMC knew that they have to make the same product. And as you can expect, the AT4X would be somewhat more aggressive in model and stance than its regular AT4 sibling. The front bumper, for instance, would be holding the driving lamps down and it would be angled at the corners. If you compare this design to the one used by the ZR2, you will see the similarities.

Although the AT4X seems to sit lower than the ZR2, it’s highly likely because of the heavy cargo. The rear suspension showed clear squatting indication, possibly displaying the prototype going through durability testing for powertrain and suspension.  Hopefully, the new AT4X will have the similar shocks of Multimatic DSSV (which is the one used in ZR2) while accompanying the improvement with aesthetic improvements from the regular Canyon.

Powertrain and Performance

What about the engine used for 2023 GMC Canyon AT4, including AT4X? This remains mystery. With GMC is said to only offer one power option, the possibility of having diesel power should be crossed from the list. Rumor has it that the company is thinking about choosing the four cylinder turbocharged unit with 2.7 liter capacity as their main candidate. This one is able to deliver 310 hp, which will affect AT4X performance. It would definitely give the needed boost for the offroad ability.

About Canyon in General

GMC is planning on having a complete transformation for their Canyons, and all the trims would be affected. The midsize truck is handsome and rugged, but it has been outdated and tired. That’s why new touchups are needed. The front side would be coming with egg crate grille with two tiered headlamps (a pair of it). With square and chunky sheetmetal, the side looks chiseled.

2023 gmc canyon at4 back view

2023 Gmc Canyon At4 Back View

Further transformation is happening on the cabin. Materials and upholstery are the main focus of improvement. Plus, there would be new addition of technologies and features. However, the details are still shady, so we don’t know much about it.

Price and Launch Date

Rumor has it that the new AT4X would be introduced this summer, in 2022. But when exactly? It’s still unknown. Moreover, there is also a possibility of changes in Canyon’s lineup, making the price a bit different. The starting price would be $27,000 while the highest trim may likely touch the price of $44,000. We should know more once GMC revealed more official info, including about 2023 GMC Canyon AT4.

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