2023 GMC Canyon Denali Transformation for the Upcoming Model

With the third generation of Canyon coming, a lot of people expect new updates (or improvements) with the 2023 GMC Canyon Denali. The lineups of Canyon are said to be in the preparation stage, so it should be interesting to know more about each detail of the trim. Moreover, the Denali has always been set as the highest trim in the lineup, which makes it logical to expect better updates and incoming transformations.

What to Expect from the Upcoming Canyon 2023?

There are some new improvements and transformations related to the new 2023 Canyon. From the official release made by the company, the new Canyon is expected to undergo complete (and full) overhaul, which means that it would go through re-engineering and redesign transformations. Thus, the third Canyon generation would be on its way.

2023 gmc canyon denali front view

2023 Gmc Canyon Denali Front View

So, what to expect from the new 2023 Canyon? The changes may include completely new interior, new exterior appearance, new powertrain lineup, and heavily revised platform although it’s not all new. The transformation would also include new technologies and (active) safety features, covering Blind Zone Alert, Cruise Control system, Adaptive Cruise, and others.


In the previous 2022 model, the Canyon came with 3 different engine options. But for the 2023 model, it’s likely that the Canyon would be coming with only one unit, which is the four cylinder turbocharged unit with TriPower technology. This unit would be expected to deliver 310 hp that is paired with auto 10 speed transmission.

Trim and Model Levels

The 2023 Canyon is expected to come with several trims, including Elevation and Elevation Standard, AT4, and Denali. However, there is a rumor that there would be AT4X trim being added to the lineup. The AT4X would be the better and upgraded offroad version. There is also a rumor that there is new Pro trim being introduced to the lineup. The Pro would be designed as the base model for the Canyon, but confirmation whether it’s true or not hasn’t been made.

2023 gmc canyon denali interior

2023 Gmc Canyon Denali Interior

What about the 2023 Denali?

Rumor has it that the upcoming 2023 GMC Canyon Denali is said to offer new Black Edition package, which is designed to replace some of the chrome trims with black components. The package is meant to deliver newer and fresher look. A little touchup would make the new model look fresher, newer, and somewhat more sophisticated.

This package is only available in body colored Jet Black and Onyx Black seats. There have been images on the social media and they definitely have gained enough attention from the crowd. Based on the images, the package would include a set of black (aluminum) wheels with low gloss with 20 inch in side with the five spoke design to complement the Onyx Black paint. The side views also display the Rectangular Upright Pegs black 5 inch replacing the 5 inch of sub foot pegs chrome found on the standard trucks.

Moreover, the 2022 model of Denali also came with Black Edition package, featuring the Black Chrome exhaust tip that replaces the standard (polished) exhaust tip. It may be small details, but you have to admit that it brings significant impact to the entire design and model. It’s most likely that the same design can still be found on the 2023 model, but details are still scarce. We can’t be really sure that the 2023 Black Edition would still be having the similar features and elements from the previous 2022 model.

2023 gmc canyon denali back view

2023 Gmc Canyon Denali Back View

But you should be prepared in the event the 2023 Black Edition Denali package won’t be coming with Cat Black Exhaust Performance System, Power Pack, All Weather Flooring, and All Weather Floor mat. The pricing for the upcoming 2023 Denali is still unknown. But to give you ideas, the 2021 model was sold at around $44,000 (give or take). With the improvement works done to the 2023 model, you should expect a slight increase in all trims, and it includes the 2023 GMC Canyon Denali.

Final Words

The Canyon is still on the way, so it’s quite logical if the company hasn’t revealed everything related to its launch. Detailed information about each trim, including the price and launch date is still unknown. We can only wait for the company to finally release their official announcement, including their newest 2023 GMC Canyon Denali.

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