2023 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation: What to Expect from the New 2023 Canyon

It’s unclear whether the newest model of 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation will be back, exactly with the same trim, considering that the company has done quite drastic updates and changes to the line. General Motors is planning on making the third generation of Chevrolet Colorado together with GMC Canyon (because the two are always getting almost similar production date and process). There have been several updates being released up to this point, and GMC is doing a serious transformation for some parts of their Canyon.

The Model Lineup

Everyone expects that the lineup for the upcoming Canyon will include the 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation along with AT4, Denali, and AT4X. The AT4X is designed as the stronger and tougher offroader variant, just slightly above the AT4. From mechanical point of view, this one would be considered compatible to Chevrolet Colorado ZR2. Moreover, the newest Denali is suspected to be more premium than the current one, with improvement lies more on the equipment and materials. It’s also possible that the newest Denali 2023 would be the first ever midsize pickup variant that offers the Super Cruise GM semi autonomous driving assist technology.

2023 gmc canyon elevation front view

2023 Gmc Canyon Elevation Front View

It’s also likely that the new Canyon line also offers Pro trim, set under the Elevation, as the newest base model. If this is the case, then the production scheme would be just the same as GMC Sierra. But this isn’t an unclear matter as there is no official confirmation about the existence of Pro. But if GMC is going to make the Pro their new base model, then it means that Elevation will no longer be the base model, and we can expect slight improvement on the features and packages.

The Offered Trims

So far, the newest Canyon would likely be coming with 5 trims, but if Pro would be finally included in the lineup, then there would be 6. Details are still scarce about specs and features of each trim, including the 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation. If the previous Canyon served as any cue, then you would be completely clueless. You see, in the past, Elevation Standard comes with 2 engine options: a four cylinder unit and a V6 unit, while the Elevation offers turbo diesel unit with Duramax. For features, they are basically the same with electronic stability control, electric power assist steering, offroad lights, wheel locks, and others.

However, the newest Canyon would focus more on the interior although the company will still update the exterior aspect. Since the release in 2015, the Canyon has got the biggest critics about their interior cabin, so it would be the perfect time for them to finally do the updates. Moreover, it’s likely that the new Canyon will only offer one engine option with the diesel most likely out of the picture. So, the details about Elevation Standard and Elevation are still unknown.

Exterior and Interior

Focusing to the newest design language from GMC, it shouldn’t be surprising if the 2023 Canyon gets all new exterior with a more imposing and aggressive stance. The LED light signature, for instance, would come with more complex shape, matching the modern body panels. If everything goes as planned, the new Canyon will offer MultiPro tailgate too.

2023 gmc canyon elevation interior

2023 Gmc Canyon Elevation Interior

Basically, the company won’t be changing the bones supporting the structure, but they are going to do something new with the sheetmetal. And when it comes to cab options, this subject is somewhat a mystery. The available configuration is only for the Short Box and Crew Cab. Will there be Extended Cab? We can’t tell for sure.


The new Canyon will only come with one engine option of gas turbocharged unit that is predicted to generate 310 hp. It would be paired up with auto 10 speed transmission and standard rear wheel configuration. Four wheel driving system is offered as optional, but in AT4 trims, it would be made as the standard.

2023 gmc canyon elevation back view

2023 Gmc Canyon Elevation Back View

Launch and Price

If everything goes as planned, the new GMC Canyon should be launched sometime in this 2022 year, as the 2023 model. The exact date is still unknown, and so is the price tag. With the possibility of Pro trim and the addition of AT4X, the price may likely start from around $27,000 up to $44,000 for the highest trim. Of course, these can still change.  We can only wait for the company’s further release, including about their 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation.

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