Expect Safer but Basic 2023 GMC Savana Cargo

Improvements would be made for 2023 GMC Savana Cargo, considering that this commercial vehicle is designed to carry and transport cargo. It means that the vehicle should be solid and tough to accommodate cargo, especially for the trailers. Yes, just like the Passenger, the Savana Cargo is able to accommodate the trailer and towing ability, making it one of the most promising commercial vehicles ever designed by the company.

About the Savana Cargo

The cargo van was initially designed to transport and accommodate cargo, and handle many items and items for the industry or work sites. The offered cargo space reaches 284.4 cubic feet, making it generous and big for supplies and equipment. The towing ability is reaching 10,000 pounds when it is correctly (and properly) equipped. To make sure that the cargo will stay in place and not moving around while driving, the floor is covered by the black rubberized vinyl, accompanied by the cargo tie downs.  The StabiliTrack control system also provides extra security and protection while you are heading to and from work.

2023 gmc savana cargo front view

2023 Gmc Savana Cargo Front View

Trims and Available Specs

The 2023 GMC Savana Cargo is offered in only two trims. The first one would be the 2500, running on V6 gas unit with 4.3 liter capacity, matched with auto 8 speed transmission and rear wheel driving system. The Cargo comes with optional transmission. The first main one would be the auto 8 speed transmission, while the optional one would be the auto 6 speed transmission.

The second one would be the 3500 with V6 gas unit with 4.3 liter capacity. Again, it’s paired with rear wheel and the transmission of automatic 8 speed. The 6 speed would be offered as the optional pick. This powertrain arrangement is basically similar to the Passenger, but in Passenger there is only one offered transmission, while the Cargo has the optional option.

Design and Construction

In terms of design and layout, it seems that there won’t be any significant improvements and changes made to the commercial vehicle. The included features are designed to make the van have greater trips and less dangerous driving experience. The vehicle has three entrance access, with swing out and sliding door access. If you want to enjoy a family trip, being able to carry cargo and heavy stuff, and to haul a trailer, then Savana cargo would be the most ideal option. Expect improved safety feature that will make the van less risky and less dangerous.

It seems that GMC isn’t paying too much attention to their Savana lineup, considering that the company has focused so much on their regular pickup and SUV. It’s pretty understandable if Savana lines, including 2023 GMC Savana Cargo, doesn’t get any tweaks or updates. Aside from newer technologies and some updates, everything will remain the same. The layout, the construction, and the entire arrangement would remain the same.

Exterior Appearance

The similar design as before can be seen from the halogen headlamps that are together with the light bulb signs (the vintage ones). The entire body and extended silhouette are basically similar and basic, and the taillights even remain the same.

2023 gmc savana cargo interior

2023 Gmc Savana Cargo Interior

Interior Cabin

Keep in mind that this van is originally designed for transporting cargo, which means that comfort isn’t the main priority. The main purpose is to keep the interior cabin simple and uncomplicated, so the overall layout remains straightforward and direct. Don’t be surprised to find plastic materials here and there. After all, the cabin is expected to be resilient and reliable at the same time. The key buttons are designed to be easily accessed and reached, improving driving function and usage.

Powertrain and Performance

For the 2023 model, expect to get the main engine to be V6 of 4.3 liter that generates 276 hp. The optional unit would be a turbodiesel Duramax unit with 2.8 liter capacity that can produce 181 hp. The third option would be the V8 unit with 6.6 liter that replaces the previous V8 with 6.0 liter capacity. This one is able to generate 401 hp. The V6 and diesel units are accompanied by the auto 8 speed transmission, while the V8 is mated to an auto 6 speed transmission.

2023 gmc savana cargo back view

2023 Gmc Savana Cargo Back View

Although nothing much should be expected from the upcoming 2023 Savana, it’s still worth waiting, especially if you want to have a reliable commercial vehicle. It’s better to wait for further updates of 2023 GMC Savana Cargo is you are interested in having one.

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