2023 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited: Will There Ever Be One?

It is still unknown whether there would be 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited, considering that the Limited was originally designed for the impatient buyers who couldn’t wait for the production of 2022 Sierra 1500. The Limited has its own ‘history’ in its existence, and its future is unknown up to this point. So, what should you know about the 1500 Limited Sierra, after all?

About the 1500 Limited

So, here’s the history: When GMC was producing the 2022 Sierra 1500 model, there was a gap in the timeline. Buyers would have to wait from 2021 to 2022 to have the model, so the company finally decided to fill in the gap by making a new production that they call the 1500 Sierra Limited. The model was created to satisfy the need of those impatient buyers who didn’t want to wait for the Sierra 1500 2022.

2023 gmc sierra 1500 limited front view

2023 Gmc Sierra 1500 Limited Front View

According to GMC Truck Communication, Patrick Sullivan, the lifespan for the 1500 Limited won’t be long. Once they start producing the ‘real’ 1500 trim, they would reduce the production of the 1500 Limited until it’s completely stopping. So far, they have produced Limited 2021 and 2022, but it’s not known whether there would be 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited. There hasn’t been any release or confirmation about the 2023 1500 Limited, but it’s completely understandable, considering that GMC is focusing so much on their entire Sierra lineups.

Ideas from the Previous Line

If you are curious about what the 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited may look like, the previous model may spark up some ideas. The 2022 Limited was the carryover from the 2021 Sierra that has been improved and facelifted.  It means that there were 4 different powertrain options (that includes two V8 nits) along with Crew, Double, and Regular cabs. In terms of price, the Limited 2022 was cheaper (up to $2,000) cheaper when compared to the regular 1500.

In terms of appearance, the Limited still retains the handsome looks. The base one comes with black handles, black (manual) wing mirrors, and also steel wheels in 17 inches. It also comes with LED headlights, LED daytime (running) lights, and chrome bumpers. Does it mean that the 2023 model would get the same treatment? Again, we still don’t know whether GMC would be making the Limited variant, considering that they are planning on the redesigned Sierra.

2023 gmc sierra 1500 limited interior

2023 Gmc Sierra 1500 Limited Interior

What to Expect for Sierra 1500 2023?

Expect 8 different trims for the 2023 model of Sierra 1500. The price range is set between $36,400 and $53,700. The base would be the Pro with tag price around $36,400. It would be coming with inline four turbo gas unit with 2.7 liter capacity that is paired with both rear wheel and four wheel driving system and auto 8 speed transmission.

All of the trims would be coming with both rear wheel and four wheel driving system. A higher trim from Pro would be the SLE with auto 8 speed transmission and similar powertrain unit as the Pro. After the SLE, there would be the Elevation, again with similar powertrain and transmission. And then, there would be the SLT with V8 gas unit of 5.3 liter capacity that is paired with auto 10 speed transmission. The next one would be the Denali with similar powertrain and transmission as the SLT.

After the Denali, there would be the AT4 with inline six turbo diesel unit with 3.0 liter capacity, paired up with auto 10 speed transmission. Starting from AT4, the offered drivetrain would only be four wheel driving system. After the AT4, Denali Ultimate is offered. The V8 gas unit with 6.2 liter capacity is paired with auto 10 speed transmission. And then the highest trim would be the AT4X that comes with similar powertrain and transmission as the Denali Ultimate.

2023 gmc sierra 1500 limited back view

2023 Gmc Sierra 1500 Limited Back View

Final Words

The future of the 2023 1500 Limited is still unknown. The company hasn’t confirmed anything about their upcoming future in making one, and they haven’t said anything about getting one ready either. It’s better if we stay focused on the entire lineup of Sierra instead of focusing on a certain trim. Once GMC is ready to reveal their upcoming 2023 GMC Sierra 1500 Limited, they would be ready to provide more information before the final launch.

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