Modern Features of 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Chassis Cab

The upcoming 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 HD chassis cab is designed as the next gen (and future) pickup truck that isn’t only tough, but also solid performance. From the design and construction, the 3500 HD is robust with interesting layout and style. The Sierra is said to undergo more features and good stuff, which is meant to make the Sierra more promising and impressive. So, what can you expect from the new Sierra 3500 HD, especially for the chassis cab?

Powertrain and Performance

There are two powertrain options being offered. The first one would be the V8 gas unit with 6.6 liter capacity that is able to deliver 401 hp and 464 Nm of torque. It has auto transmission with 6 speed system. The valve train comes with variable valve timing and overhead valve system. It implements two valves for each cylinder. Is it reliable and impressive? Naturally!

2023 gmc sierra 3500 hd chassis cab front view

2023 Gmc Sierra 3500 Hd Chassis Cab Front View

There is another optional unit with the V8 turbodiesel Duramax unit with 6.6 liter capacity. This unit is able to produce higher output, with 445 hp and 910 Nm of torque. The included features include diesel engine cooling function with after run system that has been packed with installation factory. The valve train is implementing four valves each cylinder with overhead valve mechanism. This one is also coming with (diesel) exchaust brake system and auto 10 speed Allison transmission. If you want the punchier output from 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 HD chassis cab, then the Duramax diesel system would be the most ideal pick.

Other Reliable Features

One of the many significant improvements of the 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 HD chassis cab is the auto 10 speed (Allison) transmission. It is about closer gear space enabling the unit to run in optimal range all the times, even with terrain conditions and various loads. It also offers integrated PTO (Power Takeoff) directly from the factory for Allison transmission. With this mechanism, you should have no issue transferring power (from the unit to the aftermarket parts or units, like hydraulic pump or generator).

Of course, the Allison transmission isn’t only one from the many good features offered by Sierra HD. There are still other promising goodness offered by this heavy duty truck. Dual alternators, for instance, are available. They are offered for both the diesel and gas engines, delivering 390 amps to assist the tools and accessories to get the power they need. Electric parking brake is also available, so the truck won’t experience a rollback. This is handy when you are dealing with steep setting. It also comes with b rake enhancements that cover Hill Start Assist extended hold, delivering extra time to start the uphill position (from a completely stopping position).

There is also StabiliTrack which is the electronic stability control technology to improve the stability by reducing and detecting traction loss. The Park Grade (Hold) Assist is designed to prevent movement when moving down or up the hill, especially while trailering. The system would apply brakes automatically for each wheel for extra time period during trailering.

2023 gmc sierra 3500 hd chassis cab interior

2023 Gmc Sierra 3500 Hd Chassis Cab Interior

Moreover, the advanced technology within the vehicle will ensure you to always stay connected. With OnStar technology, for instance, you can get real time info (of the vehicle). thanks to the Vehicle Insights, you should be able to identify the select service, improve the route plan, get driver (behavior) data, and more. Moreover, the technology uses the embedded hardware, making it available in many GM vehicle. The technology makes it simple for drivers to get real time info and insight.

The Custom Upfits

The chassis cab HD trim offers strong base and solid foundation for various aftermarket upfits to meet the specific business requirements and needs. There are several custom upfits that are available for them:

  • The Dump Truck. The included features include service or utility body, ambulance or rescue body, dump bed, stake or platform body, flatbed, or spreader or snowplow.
  • The Flatbed. The make the overall uplifting process simpler and more straightforward, the company recommends specialty products and producers who have the experience with GM specialty products and applications.
2023 gmc sierra 3500 hd chassis cab back view

2023 Gmc Sierra 3500 Hd Chassis Cab Back View

Final Words

Orders for the Sierra 3500 HD has started opening since May, but production will start at around the 18th of July 2022. Expect the launch date to take place by the end of 2022 for the 2023 GMC Sierra 3500 HD chassis cab. is an independent website and is not associated with GMC or General Motor, unless it is specified clearly. The GMC or General Motors brand name, trademark, image, text used on this website is just for reference, information and educational purpose only. We disclaim any ownership, rights of such third party products or copyright material unless otherwise specified. is a free website, we don't sell product, or provide any kind of support.