The Minor Possible Changes for 2023 GMC Sierra HD

Expect some changes and makeup changes happening to the new 2023 GMC Sierra HD. According to the company, the new Sierra HD would be coming with updates and changes for their 2023 model, although they are minor. The refreshed updates are expected to make the entire appearance look new and modern, ready to compete against other strong names in the business.

The New and Updated Plan

The heavy duty pickup truck lines would get significant refresh work for their upcoming 2023 model. The changes may cover new interior cabin, new designs for the front and rear areas, and possibly powertrain updates. The updated plan was set back because of some major issues, including the superconductor chips shortage and the pandemics. Although the 2023 model was originally designed to get the major significant changes (which mean completely redesigned work), it would have to be postponed to the 2024 model. For now, Sierra’s fans need to be satisfied with some minor and slight facelift.

2023 gmc sierra hd front view

2023 Gmc Sierra Hd Front View

Overview Facts of 2023 Sierra HD

Here are some basic facts that you need to know about the 2023 GMC Sierra HD. The pickup truck would be manufactured at the company’s manufacturing plant in Flint, located in Michigan. There would be 3 body styles available, including the Crew Cab, Regular Cab, and then the Double Cab. The layout would be longitudinal with front engine arrangement.

For the engines, diesel units are likely incorporated, including the V8 L8T with 6.6 liter capacity as well as the V8 diesel Duramax unit with 6.6 liter capacity. There would be two transmissions being offered: the auto 6 speed transmission and the auto 10 speed transmission. The offered drivetrain would be 2: four wheel and rear wheel driving system. This model would be made available in Mexico, Canda, and America.

2023 gmc sierra hd interior

2023 Gmc Sierra Hd Interior

Powertrain and Performance

As it was mentioned before, there would be 2 different powertrains available for the 2023 GMC Sierra HD. The first one would be the naturally aspirated V8 gas with 6.6 liter capacity that is able to generate 401 hp and 464 Nm of torque. It is paired with auto 6 speed transmission. The second one would be the V8 Duramax turbocharged diesel unit with 6.6 liter capacity, churning 445 hp and 910 Nm of torque. It would be paired with auto 10 speed transmission.

The Production Timeline

If everything goes as planned, the heavy duty Sierra would start producing around the 18th of July 2022, while the order for the line started in May the 5th 2022. Keep in mind that the date may change as the 2023 model has actually been delayed from the original schedule. Does it mean that the schedule may change again? There is always a possibility. If you want to have a more significant change (meaning that you want the completely remodeled Sierra HD), then you should wait for the 2024 model.

The Sierra HD is said to be high in demand as more and more people are interested in having a solid and tough pickup truck for both their daily activities and offroad needs. In the 2020, around 48,582 units of Sierra HD were sold in the US alone. The current one is experiencing 12.5% increase, with 54,652 units being sold in 2021.

2023 gmc sierra hd back view

2023 Gmc Sierra Hd Back View

What to Expect from Sierra HD 2023?

For now, there isn’t much to tell about the Sierra HD 2023 except for the possible powertrain and the likely minor updates. When will the updates apply? The information hasn’t been available just yet. Although there have been several spyshot images on the net, it’s quite hard to tell what GMC has in store for their new 2023 HD Sierra.

Speculations have been made concerning the new Sierra, including the wheels and other parts. But most people say that it’s possible that GMC only slaps those parts during the testing stage while they are going to make a completely different model for the upcoming model.

For now, we can’t really speculate or predict what the Sierra HD would look like. But expect newer and fresher look. It’s likely that the changes may be inspired by the 1500 Sierra, which means that the Sierra HD may get the same treatment. Let’s wait for further update about 2023 GMC Sierra HD is an independent website and is not associated with GMC or General Motor, unless it is specified clearly. The GMC or General Motors brand name, trademark, image, text used on this website is just for reference, information and educational purpose only. We disclaim any ownership, rights of such third party products or copyright material unless otherwise specified. is a free website, we don't sell product, or provide any kind of support.