2023 GMC Terrain AT4: The Possibility of Carryover Model

It’s possible that the 2023 GMC Terrain AT4 won’t be much different from the 2022 model. The overall 2023 Terrain will likely be set as the carryover model from the 2022. However, some people say that the 2023 model would get some minor updates, while the others say that it won’t get any update at all. It’s kind of hard to predict what the AT4 Terrain would look like for the 2023 model, considering that there is very limited information about the vehicle. But let’s review the overall fact and take a close review from the 2022 model.

About Terrain AT4

The Terrain AT4 is designed as a compact SUV that has big abilities and capabilities. The 2022 Terrain includes the AT4 into the lineup, together with Denali, SLT, and SLE. Many have stated that the existence of the AT4 has completed the entire family of Terrain, enabling you to tackle the offroad setting in premium surrounding and exclusive comfort.

2023 gmc terrain at4 front view

2023 Gmc Terrain At4 Front View

Rugged Exterior with Refined Interior

Information is pretty slim about the 2023 GMC Terrain AT4, but if you take a look from the 2022 model, you can get some clearer ideas of what the 2023 model would look like. From the appearance alone, you can see that this vehicle has been designed as a muscular and tough offroad SUV that would tackle the harsh and bumpy offroad setting in any second.

The 2022 model has redesigned front fascia, together with the refreshed C-shaped (LED) lighting. The inclusion of unique and one of a kind AT4 elements accentuate the aggressive look, like the black chrome for the exterior accents, dark grille, and also AT4 badges on the sides and grille. To improve the rugged style, there is Gloss Black wheels in 17 inch with sport Terrain tires from Goodyear.

On the inside, everything is refined without compromising function and style. There is strong adventurous vibe, with Jet Black leather on the front seats and the driver seat. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather, exuding masculine and serious adventurous feel. The heated seats have unique Mojave accent stitch and perforations. The seats have double needle stitch to reinforce the strength, and it looks gorgeous with embroidered AT4 badges found in the head restraints. To complete the overall look, the patterned instrument panel’s décor and dark finished (aluminum) trim are included. The interior does have its own unique refinement that is hard to resist.

2023 gmc terrain at4 interior

2023 Gmc Terrain At4 Interior

Functional Features

The features on 2023 GMC Terrain AT4 are designed to be functional and helpful, making the passengers (and driver) access and usage easier. The seats can be folded down, designed to expand the cargo space so it would be roomier and bigger. The liftgate is the Programmable Power type that is hands free and it is designed as the standard feature. It has logo projection which is super handy when you have to unload or load items. Moreover, the open position is designed in 3 different settings: off, ¾, and max, depending on the overhead space. You can use different methods to open the liftgate too. You only need to kick the foot over the GMC logo (projected under your bumper) and expect the liftgate to open when you bring your foot back again.

Offroad Fun and Enjoyment

The ride comes with Traction Select system would be coming as the standard, and it is designed to give you extra confidence in all kinds of driving condition. Whether you are tackling the offroad setting or you have to go through bad weather, rest assured that the AT4 will bring you to safety. There are different modes of offroad, front wheel, and all wheel drive, giving you the flexibility to choose the best driving mode based on the road condition. If you have to tag along trailer, there is Tow or Trailer mode too.

2023 gmc terrain at4 back view

2023 Gmc Terrain At4 Back View

If you have to go through the uneven and bumpy trails or surface, feel free to use the Hill Descent Control as the standard. It would give you a smooth and controlled descent without you having to brake down repeatedly. If you are into offroad exploration, the AT4 would be the perfect pick. But since there is no information about the 2023 model, hopefully the 2022 model can give you clear ideas and inspirations. We just have to wait for further info about the 2023 GMC Terrain AT4.

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