2024 GMC ACADIA AT4 Expected Changes

2024 GMC ACADIA AT4 new images have finally been caught by the GM photographers on its testing, seemingly to come as the crossover which is larger and full of offering. This statement leads us to assume that there will be some significant changes on this next generation of GMC Acadia AT4. The changes are predictably made to its interior and exterior as well as engine.

Here are the full review of GMC ACADIA AT4 2024 model you may want to catch.


2024 GMC ACADIA AT4 is regarded as a second generation model designed with the 2017 model. In details, the car will likely to have more room for more spacious third row of seating. The extra cargo space is also designed to be more spacious.

2024 gmc acadia at4 front view

2024 Gmc Acadia At4 Front View

In fact, this prototype comes with the significant amount of camouflage, hiding more of its exterior style. It’s clear that this GMC Acadia At4 2024 model is inspired lots by GMC Yukon through its slight boxier and upright shape. The longer wheelbase and roomy third-row makes the car able to compete with famous offerings on Hyundai Palisade.

One more, this generation also comes with the feature of a set of new directional alloy wheels and dual, single-outlet exhaust.

Though the car is regarded as AT4 prototype, it doesn’t seem having much ground clearance. Based on the photo gallery evidence, it doesn’t either have much space in the wheel wells. As estimated, the car will still be developed so we have still an expectation on the car’s change between now and its official arrival.


GMC ACADIA AT4 for 2024 model is adapting the 2007 model with a full size and as a three-row crossover. However, this 2024 model year will receive reduction in length about 7.2 inches and in width about 3.5 inches.

A nice fact shows that GMC ACADIA AT4 2024 model will likely be built around a front-drive, transverse-engine layout which is utilizing this modular types and easily scalable VSS-F architecture.

Unfortunately, the prototype is heavily camouflaged with the black vinyl covering every inch of its exterior. However, the viewer is pretty sure that looking at the car shows that it is still equipped with a set of knobby Goodyear Wrangler tires that would be appropriate for off-road. Yes, it is inspired by AT4 trim lever, as predicted.

2024 gmc acadia at4 interior

2024 Gmc Acadia At4 Interior


Will the engine receive any changes? It’s always on our expectation. Yes, the GMC ACADIA redesign is expected to use GM 3.6L LGXV6 gasoline along with automatic engine stop/start functionality. It is also predicted that the car will come with 9-speed automatic transmission which is aimed to send power to the front wheel as standards or foul wheels with an alternative all-wheel-drive.

GMC ACADIA AT4 2024 is also estimated to use the four-cylinder engine as another option. This engine is similar to that of GM’s turbocharged 2.0L 1-4 LSY engine.


The GMC ACADIA AT4 2024 model will be built alongside the Cadillac XT5 and Cadillac XT6 and start its production at the GM Spring Hill Assembly plant in Tennessee. This plant is expected to continue producing the Acadia nameplate just after the lengthened third-generation model which you may have seen here as 2024 model.

Release Date

The GMC ACADIA AT4 2024 model which is regarded as the next generation will particularly go on sale in 2024. This means that it will likely start its official debut earlier next year. The consistent updates will be available as more information will appear when it is close to the release date.

2024 gmc acadia at4 back view

2024 Gmc Acadia At4 Back View

Final Words

Finally, we may assume that 2024 GMC ACADIA AT4 will likely receive more changes on its interior and exterior as well as the use of engine. The 2024 model may be inspired from 2007 model yet the upcoming one will be reduced in length and width. Though everything is camouflaged with full vinyl covering most of its body style, but you can still have our review to depict it on your mind.

As there is no specific release date informed by the company, the clear description will usually be revealed close to the release date. So, if you are a fan of GMC ACADIA, please keep staying on the company’s official site to get further information about the car.

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