2024 GMC Canyon AT4 and the AT4X

The 2024 GMC Canyon AT4 model would have a new addition with AT4X, designed to debut this summer. The AT4X Canyon has been included in the lineup since the 2023 model because the Canyon wants to add a tough offroad trim for their upcoming launch. Although the AT4 has been set as a tough and reliable offroad model, the AT4X is said to have improved offroad goodness and promising features. So, if you are looking for an extremely solid offroad vehicle and you don’t mind spending extra, then the AT4X would be the best option.

The Upcoming Plan

The company has set their next gen (midsize) trucks for the 2024, and they are ready to release what the offroad performance would look like. The 2024 GMC Canyon AT4 and the AT4X would be packed with all the good stuff. The AT4X would be the equivalent competitor against Chevy Colorado ZR2, another promising offroad vehicle that has become the tough competitor of the AT4. If everything goes as planned, the AT4X would debut this summer although the exact date is still not known.

2024 gmc canyon at4 front view

2024 Gmc Canyon At4 Front View

The Teaser Images

There have been AT4X teaser images available in the net. From those photos, you can see fender reflector (like the one on bigger Sierra HD), beadlock capable wheels in 17 inch wrapped around the Good Wrangler MT Territory tires (33 inch), a pronounced badge AT4X, and a seemingly carryover fuel door handles and fuel door.

The upcoming 2024 GMC Canyon AT4 platform uses the so-called 31XX-2 platform. The platform is the evolved construction from the previous 31XX platform, used already for Canyon and Chevy Colorado. The teaser photos may have shown the obvious parts of the truck, but the details that aren’t shown include Multimatic DSSV dampers, teaser on the overlanding AT4X concept in the previous year. The engine of the upcoming Canyon (and also the Colorado) would be coming with four cylinder unit that has been seen in the bigger GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado. For the interior cabin, this midsize would have similar features as the updated Sierra and Silverado with the bigger touchscreen display (which is horizontally oriented) and also the familiar knob/button layout.

The Differences Outdated

There is a certain confusion about the 2024 Canyon AT4X. In some plans, it is called as the 2023 model, but in others, it is called the 2024 model. The one that will debut in this August 2022 seems to be the one for 2023 model, although some say that it is more likely set for the 2024 model. It’s because the AT4X is the new improved offroad model that is too bad if released for the 2023 model. After all, the 2024 year models haven’t been released or produced, which mean that the AT4X shouldn’t exist just yet.

2024 gmc canyon at4 interior

2024 Gmc Canyon At4 Interior

Despite all the confusion, the AT4X would be promising and good. Despite all of the great features and positive outcomes, it’s possible that the AT4 may not be as impressive as expected. Because it is designed to compete against the Colorado ZR2, it’s most likely created as the revised model of the ZR2.

What about New AT4?

In the previous last months, the company has shown off their teaser images for the AT4 prototype. Some people say that it’s the AT4, while the others say that it’s the AT4X. In the previous testing stage, the prototype was spotted in Detroit and Colorado. Aside from introducing the new AT4X model, the At4 would get some updated improvements and styles. The exterior of the AT4 would be new, complete with aggressive styling and improved fenders. Improved ground clearance would also be an option, and the new design will make it possible.

The front fascia would be unique with a more aggressive angle. The prototype came with placeholder lighting, but it’s unsure that the actual product would be coming with similar design. GMC stated that the production model would be running with new look LED elements and also lighting signatures with vertical orientation.

2024 gmc canyon at4 back view

2024 Gmc Canyon At4 Back View

There are black finish and six spoke wheels which are basically similar to the current design. It seems that they were using Wrangler Territory AT tire from Goodyear, but they offer more extra and optional tire with aggressive model and performance, perfect for the offroad needs. The 2024 GMC Canyon AT4 is still long in the production, so we just need to wait for the finally official launch from the company.

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