2024 GMC Canyon Denali: The Possible Continuation from the 2023 Model

Some speculations have been made about the 2024 GMC Canyon Denali. The 2024 model is still long in the running. After all, the 2023 model Denali Canyon hasn’t been official launched just yet. However, the Denali has always been known as this reliable high-end and best trim in most GMC SUVs and trucks, so it is interesting that people are always curious about what the next Denali can bring to the plate. And after all, the 2024 isn’t too far apart from the 2023, which should be exciting for Canyon’s fans.

The Updated Plan

The 2023 Canyon Denali has just been previewed and the launch hasn’t been done just yet. But people have been talking about the possibility of 2024 Denali’s launch. It’s because there have been several spyshots of the next gen Chevrolet Colorado along with their cousin GMC Canyon, and people have been talking about the possibility of good bones of the Denali. Just like before, when Chevrolet released their new line, their ‘sibling’ GMC will follow suit. It’s the same thing that happened with the Colorado. After its introduction, the GMC Canyon was shown displaying its prototype when undergoing testing stage.

2024 gmc canyon denali front view

2024 Gmc Canyon Denali Front View

And just like the Colorado, the Canyon was shown in Crew Cab model, which is the short box model. A lot of people stated that it’s likely that it’s the Denali, visibly known from the chrome wheels in 20 inch and also chrome running boards. But there has been several tweaks and transformation on the body, especially on the front fascia. It looks like a steep rake with the unique design. it’s not the final work just yet because it means that it’s not really Denali, or it is missing some of the trim parts and bits.

A lot of people speculated that it might be the AT4 trim, but if it’s the AT4, it doesn’t look like offroad type at all. But the tires are confusing, because they are the Dueller A/T tire from Bridgestone, which is more solid and rugged – and definitely would be too much for the Denali.

Canyon Updates and Physical Changes

The general Canyon lineup would be changed in the 2023 model, which means that the 2024 GMC Canyon Denali would be a carryover. The boxy shape would remain, but it would be more confident and more stylish. In terms of design, the new Canyon will probably look similar to Sierra HD. In terms of fender flares, they look a bit wider with a better stance, and there would be intricate decorations on the doors. The price for the Canyon may likely start from the $27,000 although the exact price hasn’t been released first.

2024 gmc canyon denali interior

2024 Gmc Canyon Denali Interior

The midsize truck would be using the VIP (Vehicle Intelligence Platform). Aside from the fact that they allow the OTA (Over the Air) updates to the entire systems, the system also utilizes the latest active safety and infotainment technologies.

The 2023 Canyon would be manufactured at the Wentzville manufacturing plant in Missouri, along with its cousin, the Chevrolet Colorado. The company has invested around $1 billion to the facility, dedicated especially for the midsize pickups. The Canyon will be offered in Mexico, the US, and also Canada, but each market may have a slight different product from one another. It’s likely that the Canyon would be also offered in the Middle East.

Release Date and Price

If everything goes as planned, the GMC would reveal the 2023 Canyon in 2022, around summer months. It includes the Denali and other lineups. The 2023 model is said to undergo full redesigned work, which means that the 2024 GMC Canyon Denali may simply follow the 2023 model. The price for the 2023 model would be higher than the current one, with the base model starts at around $28,000 and up to $50,200 for the highest trim. If the 2024 model would be a carryover, it means that the price range may not be too much different from the 2023.

2024 gmc canyon denali back view

2024 Gmc Canyon Denali Back View

The 2023 Canyon would be competing against other reliable brands, such as Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, or Ford Ranger. The information about the exact date isn’t known and so is the exact launch date. We should know more about the 2023 model once the information is available. And if they have released the newest information and updates about the 2024 GMC Canyon Denali, we should know more about it.

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