What to Expect from 2024 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation

What’s to expect from the 2024 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation? There’s very slim information about it. Considering that the company has just focused on their 2023 model, it’s understandable if they haven’t prepared anything for the 2024 model. Rumor has it that the 2024 model may highly likely coming as the carryover model from the 2023 model. Since there is still no information about the upcoming 2023 model, we don’t really know what’s coming for the 2023.

The safest scheme is to take a look at the 2023 model so you can get more insight and clearer ideas about the 2024 Canyon. The 2023 model would be packed with sophisticated technologies and advanced systems, so you can also expect the best outcome from the 2024 model.

2024 gmc canyon elevation standard front view

2024 Gmc Canyon Elevation Standard Front View

Exterior Striking Appearance

The Canyon Elevation Standard and Elevation comes with rugged construction and modern styles. The details are precise and exact. The bold accents clearly define the confident, fierce, and athletic attitude, regardless of the trim you pick.

First of all, the truck comes with Signature style, meaning that there would be exclusive wheels, sculpted grille, and chrome exterior accents that define the Canyon’s style. Not to mention that the Elevation would come with black painted 18 inch aluminum wheels, black painted inserts, and also (body color) grille surround, delivering bold statement that will turn heads everywhere you go. Hopefully, such good stuff will remain for the 2024 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation. Of course, there are more than you expect with the powerful accents, aluminum wheels, LED fog lamps, and others.

For the exterior features, expect some of these things for both Elevation Standard and Elevation, such as:

  • Black recovery hooks
  • Black painted 18 inch wheels from aluminum
  • Spray-on bedliner

The Elevation has LED fog lamps as the standard, but the Elevation Standard doesn’t.

The Interior Cabin Gorgeous Touch

Improved materials and upholstery would be included in the 2023 model, so you can expect similar features for the 2024 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation although the 2024 model would be set as the carryover. For a starter, the steering wheel comes with heated technology. To improve the exclusive feel and luxurious ambiance, the leather wrapped design would be ideal. This kind of feature is designed to keep you stay warm and convenient during cold travel. The cabin is also quiet and silent. With triple door seals, inlaid door design, shear-style body mounts, and also (liquid applied) sound deadener, you can enjoy quite cabin while still enjoying your drive.

2024 gmc canyon elevation standard interior

2024 Gmc Canyon Elevation Standard Interior

Crew Cabin is one model that allows you to accommodate five people comfortably. The model is spacious enough, enabling you to take anyone with you without fuss or drama. Such an arrangement helps you to explore new areas and boundaries without limitation. Another thing to like is the tons of storage option. With limitless storage capacity, you can tag along anything you like. There are also big center console and underseat storage within the rear bench (with its folding split mechanism).

Different Cab Models

For both the Elevation and Elevation Standard, there are two cab models being offered. The first one would be the Extended Cab. Extended Cab Elevation Standard has 74 inch of length in two wheels or four wheels type, while Extended Cab Elevation has similar length, but only offered in two wheels. The cargo volume would be 50 cubic feet. The model is able to handle up to 1,560 pounds of maximum payload. The front leg room is 45 inch, while the rear leg room is 28.6 inch.

The second one would be the Crew Cab. The Elevation Standard has 61.7 inch of bed in two wheels. The Elevation has 61.7 inch in the two or four wheel type, and around 74 inch in the four wheel type. The cargo volume is up to 50 cubic feet, with maximum payload up to 1,578 pounds. The front leg room is 45 inch, while the rear leg room is 35.8 inch.

2024 gmc canyon elevation standard back view

2024 Gmc Canyon Elevation Standard Back View

Final Words

Keep in mind that these specs and details are for the 2022 model. We still don’t know what will happen for the 2023 model, so we can’t really tell the 2024 model. Hopefully, more improvements would be made for the 2024 model. We can only expect the best outcome for the 2024 GMC Canyon Elevation Standard & Elevation.

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