2024 GMC SAVANA CARGO’s Specific Things To Know

In an automotive history, GMC Savana is regarded as a master piece that isn’t appear like its competitors. The GMC Savanah cargo is basically designed as cargo vans with body-on-frame construction. When a car is built focusing on the body rather than on the other parts of it, it is definitely long-lasting.

Though the GMC Savana uses only the old technology, there wouldn’t be any changes added to the car. This way, the 2024 GMC SAVANA CARGO is likely receiving two different trim levels, making it increase in price ranging from $32,000 to $35,900 for both of them.

To see how powerful the car is and how it performs on the road, here are the details about each of the specific things changed and added to the model.


The GMC SAVANA CARGO 2024 is expected to come with the same ladder-style frame it already had since it was firstly produced. There are lots of power setup for hauling and towing. In comparison to Chevrolet Express which has the most weight at the curb, GMC SAVANA is a bit lighter though it is just same in a glance.

2024 gmc savana cargo front view

2024 Gmc Savana Cargo Front View


Savana is categorized as an older car compared to its competitors. Therefore, you’ll find no modern features. It takes time to make the cabin looks and feels modern so the vehicle can provide the most expected comfort both for the driver and the passengers.

Savana’s interior is basically designed with the functions to keep things in it. The front panel is made from plastic and equipped with the most/basic FM/AM system. There are many standard features available including the airbags and hill start. However, you’ll need to pay an additional expense especially for lane departure warnings as well as forward collision control. This is because Savana is not as good as other competitors.

This GMC Savana Cargo is much different from the GM Trucks. Never expect that the car will have the same level of connectivity and technology as the GMC trucks. This way, the infotainment features are crucial and looks older than its competitors. The sound system is very conventional. Yes, it is true. This GMC comes only with FM/AM stereo along with MP3 compatibility and two speakers for the simple sound system.

2024 gmc savana cargo interior

2024 Gmc Savana Cargo Interior


For the 2024 model year, the GMC Savana Cargo will likely use three gas engine along with one turbo-diesel engine that you can definitely select. The engine is called V6 and it produces 276 horsepower along with 298 lb-ft of torque.

This car also has an automatic transmission with eight speeds. In the line-up, the V8 engine proves to be more powerful. This V8 engine is predicted to make 341 horsepower and 373 lb-ft of torque. Whichever engine you will choose, they will have the same outputs.

In addition to the use of engine, all Savana Cargo van versions are good as a heavy-duty van. The one with V6 will be able to take the most strain when carrying full of cargo while the other one with V8 or turbo-diesel will have no problem when loading more as it has more torque.

The V8 engine comes with a six-speed automatic transmission which is not too responsive. However, all engines used by GMC Savana Cargo perform excellently to keep the vehicles moving though they are expensive, in fact.

Apart from the expensive price on sale, the GMC Savana cargo can push the vehicle through the slower traffic without requiring too much effort.

Release Date and Price

Due to the specs predictably added to GMC Savana Cargo including a 6.5-inch touchscreen, halogen headlights, power-adjustable mirrors, rearview camera, 16-inch steel wheels and blind-spot monitoring, the 2024 model will probably come at $32,000 for the 2500 trim and $35,100 for the 35 trim.

There is no specific date when the company will release the 2024 model. However, it is estimated that the car will be launched in the last quarter of 2023.

2024 gmc savana cargo back view

2024 Gmc Savana Cargo Back View

Final Words

All in all, the 2024 GMC SAVANA CARGO possibly proves that it will receive the major changes on it exterior and interior as well as engine. There is no specific date for the release date of the car. Just keep waiting!

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