What Most People Expect on 2024 GMC SAVANA PASSENGER

Are you dreaming of having the newest gen of GMC Savana? Then you could wait the 2024 GMC SAVANA PASSENGER for sure. Believe it or not, all-new GMC Savana full-size van will represent an all-new second generation of Savana nameplate just after GM Vandura replaced the first gen.

While the 2022 model year will come in 2021 with a relatively few changes, the 2024 model year will not much be different from the previous version. All-new Savana let the GMC to retain its leadership in the full-size van while it is also able to compete with Ford, FCA-Ram and Nissan.

What do most people expect from this GMC Savana Passenger? Here we would like explain in details.


2024 GMC SAVANA PASSENGER will likely to come with the ability to deliver all-new underpinning and engineering. It is also designed as much as 300 pounds or 136 kilograms, making it significantly lighter than the first-generation model.

2024 gmc savana passenger front view

2024 Gmc Savana Passenger Front View

Both the exterior and interior part of the car will be modernized to offer more comfort and convenience. The use of technology will ensure to increase the driving and ownership experience. For interior, the car is added with the feature of next-generation infotainment system.

The GMC Savana Passenger 2024 will also introduce all-new powertrain range. Besides, this vehicle is also mechanically similar to the future Chevrolet Express. However, they are different in exterior styling.

Body Styles

Most people expect that this GMC Savana Passenger 2024 model year will continue to have styles of cutaway, cargo and passenger. This means that the car will be designed in three styles. Therefore, this car seems meeting what the people need toward a vehicle. If you want to carry more luggage, then you can just opt for the one with cargo style. Meanwhile, if you want to use the car to go with your big families, you can pick up the one with passenger type.


The next generation of GMC Savana Passenger is expected to feature the gasoline engine that uses turbocharged I-4/inline four cylinder engine and V-6 six-cylinder engine. Besides, the car is also expected to feature diesel engines and the transmissions. The diesel engines come with 2.8L I-4/in line four cylinder engine while the transmissions come with 8-speed automatic transmission or the new GM 10-speed automatic transmission.


Automakers believe that the next 2024 GMC SAVANA PASSENGER would be able to ride on one of the two architectures that are GM T1 platform and GM VSS-T Platform. The former platform shared with the upcoming fourth-generation GM pickup trucks as well as SUVs like Future Chevrolet Silverado, Future GM Sierra, Future GM Chevrolet Tahoe, Future GM Chevrolet Suburban, Future GMC Yukon and Future Cadillac Escalade.

On the other hand, the later platform shared with fifth-generation and newer of GM Pickup trucks and SUVs.

In this regards, the GMC Savana Passenger will be equipped with a feature of a front-mounted longitudinally placed driving the rear wheels. Meanwhile, the four-wheel drive will be just optional.

2024 gmc savana passenger interior

2024 Gmc Savana Passenger Interior


There is no exact yet information about where the production will take place. However, the current model was produced by GM USA at the GM Wentzviller factory in Missouri. In 2017, a contract assembly of Savana cutaway is started with Navistar in Ohio.


The GMC Savana Passenger has actually some competitors including Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster van, Nissan NV and GM’s own Chevrolet Express. Generally, the car will always be compared to its competitors in many aspects of vehicles.


Everyone expects that GMC Savana Passenger 2024 model offers the same price as the current models. This way, the current models include the first generation that was priced at $30,000 for Savana Cutaway, $31,000 for Savana cargo and $35,000 for Savana passenger.

Now that we see the price of GMC Savana Passenger at $35,000, our expectation relies on around the same price or a little bit more.

2024 gmc savana passenger back view

2024 Gmc Savana Passenger Back View

Final Words

Overall, 2024 GMC SAVANA PASSENGER will likely have major changes on most part of the car including the design, body styles, powertrain, production and other parts. If this vehicle is your dreaming-of type, then you should wait for any information on the company’s official website.

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