2024 GMC SIERRA HD’s Interior Changes That Make You Feel Amazed At

2024 GMC SIERRA HD is likely to have makeover which will be similar to its small version, Sierra 1500. Now you might be wondering whether the truck will have same interior or not. With the photos captured recently, we have already gotten all the answer.

Wait! Don’t go anywhere since the 2024 model is noted to be very surprising. Let’s have a look at the following review.


Based on a face-lifted GMC Sierra HD prototype, the 2024 GMC Sierra HD will come with the good feel for the changes aimed for updating the truck. In general, the interior looks will be much identical to Sierra 1500.

2024 gmc sierra hd front view

2024 Gmc Sierra Hd Front View

In this regards, the features include the 13,4 inches diagonal infotainment screen and the dash layout along with the button arrangement and HVAC vent placement will look like those of Sierra 1500.


2024 GMC SIERRA HD’s exterior is likely inspired by Sierra 3500 HD Dual Rear wheel prototype. So, the vehicle will appear to be the combination of lower-tier trims. The base wheels will be from the Pro trim while the chrome window trim along with the chrome door handles and chrome-adorned side mirrors will look like something inspired by SLT-spec Sierra.

The grille is designed similarly to Denali, fitting to all of the prototypes of Sierra HD that match the grille no matter the trim is under the test. The prototype also shows the absence of Denali’s standard running boards, meaning that not all parts of the truck will look the same as Denali’s.

Screen Upgrade

There is one clear difference of GMC Sierra HD 2024 model year based on its prototype. This is compared to the refreshed and light-duty changes made on its siblings. In this regards, the special and different upgrade on this truck are the column shifter which is without the 13,4” screen and other high—tech elements.

Based on the prototypes, the column shifter has been retained along with an improved infotainment screen. The Sierra HD’s current low-grade interior is still unclear, however, it will still play on the HD Pro trims which are already updated. Or, Sierra HD 2024 model will either use the column shifter in its lineup or just go away in the top tier Denali’s trim.

The latest prototype shows that the Sierra 1500 inspired the GMC Sierra HD’s interior lineup. The photo also proves that both of the truck will never be a 100% carbon copies. Some automakers keep a close look at the details on the next prototypes. This is aimed to find out any differences of the light-duty trucks from the modernized HD that’s based on 2023 model.

2024 gmc sierra hd interior

2024 Gmc Sierra Hd Interior


Similar to its current generation, GMC Sierra HD 2024 model will use the standard engine with the gas-powered 6.6-liter V8. This engine will be able to produce 401 horsepower and 464 pound-feet of torque. Also, it will pair with a six-speed automatic transmission and rear or all-wheel drive.

The 2024 model of GMC Sierra HD, however, is rumored to use the 6.6-liter V8 that produces around 450 horsepower. Other options include the Duramax diesel 6.6-liter V8 engine that will generate 445 ponies with 910 lb-ft. It seems that the engine will have a 10-speed automatic.

For towing, the Sierra 3500 HD 2024’s cargo can accommodate up to 7442 pounds. In comparison, the GMC Sierra 2500 HD 2024 cargo can accommodate 3979 pounds of payload and 18.500 pounds of towing through its single-rear-wheel-axle.

Release Date and Pricing

As there is no information yet about the exact release date of 2024 GMC SIERRA HD, we can just expect that the truck will be released next year as 2024 model. Definitely, the HD customers are going to be glad to see that the upcoming Sierra HD will come with the refreshed design.

For pricing, this truck will start its price at $41, 995 for the Pro model and $47k for SLE.

2024 gmc sierra hd back view

2024 Gmc Sierra Hd Back View

Final Words

Finally, the HD customers will definitely feel amazed at the 2024 GMC SIERRA HD due to its major changes on its interior. If you are also a fan of Sierra HD, stay on the GMC channel not to miss out the newest information.

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