The Future of 2023 GMC Savana Passenger

The 2023 GMC Savana Passenger is designed as a reliable van that has all the promising features of a truck – minus the burly, big, and heavy construction. The vehicle may look like a regular van, but it is able to accommodate a lot of people and tons of cargo. It can even accommodate towing needs, when needed. If you want a future vehicle that can deal with many weights, and also people, without sacrificing towing ability and smooth performance, then Savana line would be the best option. And if your focus is about transporting and moving people, then you should include Savana Passenger in your list.

About GMC Savana

GMC may seem only focusing on producing the SUVs and pickup trucks (whose lines and variants are impressive), but the company actually produces commercial vehicles too. This commercial line is known as the Savana, and GMC makes two different models of them. The Savana is divided into Savana van Passenger and Savana van Cargo.

2023 gmc savana passenger front view

2023 Gmc Savana Passenger Front View

In terms of designs and looks, both of them are almost identical. On the exterior part, they may look similar. Some of their features and powertrains are also similar. The most significant difference would be on the inside, where the interior cabin is designed to meet different purposes. It’s safe to say that both of them have their own signature characteristics and styles.

About Savana Passenger

As the name suggests, the Passenger is designed to accommodate people, transporting them between destinations. This makes the Passenger ideal as (airport) shuttle or hotel service. The design enables the vehicle to accommodate 15 people quite comfortably. The Passenger even has its own towing ability, with 9,400 pounds of ability. What about the 2023 GMC Savana Passenger? It seems that many of its features would remain the same, where improved focus would be about convenience and comfort.

After all, the can has its own swing-out side door that enables easy (and simple) access, along with the offered sliding side door. An assist step is also offered, so passengers can access the door and the ground easily without having to worry about falling. And it’s a Passenger, which means that seating arrangement would be made more comfortable for the 2023 model. The model allows tweaking, where wheelchair can also be used, when needed.

2023 gmc savana passenger interior

2023 Gmc Savana Passenger Interior

The Possible Changes for the 2023 Model

It seems that the upcoming 2023 GMC Savana Passenger would have a slight reduction in the passenger capacity. Originally, the van is able to accommodate 15 people, but the 2023 model would only be able to accommodate 12 people. The reduction of numbers of passenger would likely be replaced by the available features and techs. Rumor has it that the new Passenger would have more modern and advanced features. Comfort would likely also improve although there is not much information about the changes.

The powertrain would likely be the V6 unit with 4.3 liter capacity, able to generate 276 hp and 298 Nm of torque. Such a powertrain is believed to deliver punchy performance and tough outcome, making the van solid and reliable. The powertrain would be accompanied by auto 8 speed transmission. This is the only transmission offered as there is no optional pick. It also comes with rear wheel driving system. The fuel tank capacity is around 31 gallons, and the overall performance is promising and good.

Interior Space and Cabin

Since it is for passengers, the cabin is expected to be comfy – at least more comfortable than the cargo van. The Cargo van is only able to accommodate 2 people, while the Passenger is able to accommodate 12 people. The Passenger has 41.35 inch for the front seat (leg) room and 40.85 inch for the headroom. For the rear seat, the leg room is around 36.3 inch and the headroom is 38.42 inch. The Passenger has third row seats, with generous leg room up to 36.58 inch and headroom is 38.5 inch. It even has fourth row, with the leg room is 36.58 inch and the headroom is 38.3 inch.

2023 gmc savana passenger back view

2023 Gmc Savana Passenger Back View

Final Words

Since there is no further or official confirmation about the new Savana Passenger, we can’t really tell when it is going to be available. Since it is designed as the 2023 model, it’s most likely that it would be ready by the end of 2022. Let’s just wait for further release of 2023 GMC Savana Passenger.

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